The Order of Merit will be made up of the best 3 scores in points. With the leading 24 invited to play in the Stableford Finals Day Pro-Am at Newmachar on 17th September 2017. Tee times will be between 10.00am – 11am (approx), on the Hawkshill Course.

Pro-Am Teams & Tee Times

09:50 Andrew Locke, Fraser Laird, Max To, Joshua Mitchell

10:00 Craig Lawrie, Robbie Bothwell, Robyn Fowlie, Kyle Steel

10:10 Alan Stuart, Callum Bruce, Arran Clubb, Peter McPherson

10:20 Simon Hanson, Ethan Fraser, Mika Askildsen, Murray Burns

10:40 Billy Fyfe, Jamie Gibb, Alex Ritchie, Ethan Main

10:50 Craig Dempster, Sam Allan, Rachel Mathieson, Rhys Sim

11:00 Greg McBain, Nathan Mackie, Josh Allardyce, Lewis Watt

The below is a list of those leading qualifiers with those players highlighted guaranteed a place in the Pro-Am field following the final qualifying event at PLGC Inchmarlo on Sunday 10th September 2017.

Robbie Bothwell, Fraser Laird, Sam Allan, Jamie Gibb, Alex Ritchie, Ethan Fraser, Rhys Sim, Max To, Arran Clubb, Lewis Watt, Jason Bruce, Callum Bruce, Murray Burns, Kyle Steel, Mika Askildsen, Robyn Fowlie, Carmen Griffiths, Ethan Main, Nathan Mackie, Joshua Mitchell, Rachel Mathieson, Haroun Asher, Peter McPherson, Josh Allardyce

Reserves: Lewis Rodger, Calum Kellas, Koby Buchan, Logan Coffey, Reagan Coffey, Beth Scott