Hunting is an international energy services provider to the world’s leading oil and gas companies in the upstream sector.  Established in 1874, Hunting PLC  is  a  fully listed public company on the London Stock Exchange.  From its  global  footprint,  Hunting  provides  a  focused  range  of products, proprietary  technologies,  engineering  expertise  and  services below the wellhead  to  the  world’s principle producing regions.  This includes high specification  casing  and  tubing  with  licensed  and proprietary premium threadforms, in addition to a range or proprietary drilling tools including non-magnetic  drill  collars,  directional  drill rods, mud motors and Well Intervention  pressure  control  equipment  and  tools  on a sale or rental basis.

Well Construction

Our  Well  Construction  division provides products and services to oil and gas   customers  in  the  drilling  phase  of  exploration  and  production programmes, including OCTG casing and tubing, drill collars, mud motors and hole openers.

Well Completion

Our  Well Completion division undertakes the global manufacture of threaded accessories and completion equipment, including flow couplings, pup joints, mule shoes, crossovers and threaded subs.

Well Intervention

Our  Well  Intervention  division  spans  the  full  range  of intervention services including surface pressure control, wireline and thru-tubing tools &  equipment.  For  example,  Hunting  Welltonic  has a total focus on Thru Tubing  services  and  thus  is able to offer unique benefits to the coiled tubing  industry,  providing  advanced solutions for a wide range of coiled tubing  interventions. With highly skilled and experienced personnel at all our  locations  the  services offered include tool management, tool rental, tool  design,  tool  sales  offered  with  full operational and engineering support.

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