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U15 Stableford Order of Merit

The Order of Merit will be made up of the best 3 scores in points.  With the leading 24 invited to play in the Stableford Finals Day Pro-Am at Newmachar on 17th September 2017.  Tee times will be between 10.00am - 11am (approx), on the Hawkshill Course.

Pro-Am Teams & Tee Times

09:50  Andrew Locke  Fraser Laird  Max To  Joshua Mitchell

10:00  Craig Lawrie  Robbie Bothwell  Robyn Fowlie  Kyle Steel

10:10  Alan Stuart  Callum Bruce  Arran Clubb  Peter McPherson

10:20  Simon Hanson  Ethan Fraser  Mika Askildsen  Murray Burns

10:40  Billy Fyfe  Jamie Gibb  Alex Ritchie  Ethan Main

10:50  Craig Dempster  Sam Allan  Rachel Mathieson  Rhys Sim

11:00  Greg McBain  Nathan Mackie  Josh Allardyce Lewis Watt

The below is a list of those leading qualifiers with those players highlighted guaranteed a place in the Pro-Am field following the final qualifying event at PLGC Inchmarlo on Sunday 10th September 2017.

Robbie Bothwell, Fraser Laird, Sam Allan, Jamie Gibb, Alex Ritchie, Ethan Fraser, Rhys Sim, Max To, Arran Clubb, Lewis Watt, Jason Bruce, Callum Bruce, Murray Burns, Kyle Steel, Mika Askildsen, Robyn Fowlie, Carmen Griffiths, Ethan Main, Nathan Mackie, Joshua Mitchell, Rachel Mathieson, Haroun Asher, Peter McPherson, Josh Allardyce

Reserves:  Lewis Rodger, Calum Kellas, Koby Buchan, Logan Coffey, Reagan Coffey, Beth Scott


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David Law led his team of Jason Bruce, Owen Walker & Ruari Mair to victory in this year's season finale Pro-Am event, at Newmachar's Hawkshill as they scored a 14-under-par total, to win by a shot from the teams led by Craig Lawrie & Kris Nicol.


9.30 Team 1 - Alex Ritchie  Sandy Shepherd  Rachel Mathieson

9.40  Team 2 - Jason Bruce  Owen Walker  Ruari Mair

9.50  Team 3 - Sam Allan  Lewis Rodger  Josh Allardyce

10.00 Team 4 - Ethan Main  Joshua Mitchell  Cameron Black

10.10  Team 5 - Fraser Laird  Ruaridh Fenwick  Cole Sim

10.20  Team 6 - Arran Clubb  Ethan Fraser  Ben Read

10.30  Team 7 - Matthew Saunders  Rory Gauld  Peter McPherson

10.40  Team 8 - Kyle Steel  Lewis Watt  Chloe Henderson

N.B. the format for the Pro-Am shall be best two (nett) scores from the team of 4.  Team Professionals will be allocated on the day.

2016 Leading Players (following the final U15s Stableford event at PLGCI 4th Sept)

Jamie Gibb, Sam Allan, Fraser Laird, Alex Ritchie, Murray Burns, Ethan Main, Arran Clubb, Matthew Saunders, Lewis Rodger, Sandy Shepherd, Ethan Fraser, Rhys Sim, Joshua Mitchell, Carmen Griffiths, Robbie Bothwell, Cole Sim, Rory Gauld, Kyle Steel, Peter McPherson, Ben Read, Lewis Watt, Chloe Henderson, Ruaridh Fenwick, Cameron Black, Josh Allardyce, Owen Walker, Rachel Mathieson, Jason Bruce, Liam Harker, Ruari Mair



U15s Stableford Order of Merit 2015

Terry Mathieson's charges, Liam Waldron, Sam Craig and Ross Potter romped to victory in the end of season finale at Newmachar Golf Club as they carded a -20 score of 124 to finish four shots ahead of the team led by Professional, Sean Lawrie.

Sean's Team - Rory Gauld, Megan Ashley & Lewis Rodger finished on 128 (-16), three better than Billy Fyfe's Team of Alex Ritchie, Joshua Malcolmson and Ruari Mair.

PAUL LAWRIE FOUNDATION - Aggregate Score Sheet of best 4 Nett Scores from 8 rounds using actual round handicaps


Cameron MUNRO, Alex RITCHIE, Rory GAULD, Ross CONNON, Brandon SIMPSON, Matthew DAILEY, Kyle STEEL, Sam CRAIG, Joshua MALCOLMSON, Finlay D SMITH, Ben BREEN, Rachel MATHIESON, Andrew YULE, Jamie SMITH, Kevin DUNCAN, Jamie GIBB, Matthew McNAMEE, Cameron GRAY, Jonathan BELL, Lewis RODGER, Chloe HENDERSON, Scott MATHIESON, Megan ASHLEY, Liam WALDRON

RESERVE LIST - Ross Potter, Carmen Griffiths, Ruari Mair, Christian Bradburn

TEAM 1) Liam Waldron, Sam Craig, Ross Potter, (Pro) Terry Mathieson - 9.30am

TEAM 2) Cameron Munro, Jamie Gibb, Rachel Mathieson, (Pro) Craig Lawrie - 9.40am

TEAM 3) Rory Gauld, Megan Ashley, Lewis Rodger, (Pro) Sean Lawrie - 9.50am

TEAM 4) Brandon Simpson, Cameron Gray, Matthew McNamee (Pro) P McLean - 10.00

TEAM 5) Matthew Dailey, Finlay D Smith, Jonathan Bell, (Pro) Ross Cameron - 10.10am

TEAM 6) Alex Ritchie, Joshua Malcolmson, Ruari Mair (Pro) Billy Fyfe - 10.20am

TEAM 7) Ross Connon, Ben Breen, Scott Mathieson (Pro) Reece Mitchell - 10.30am

TEAM 8) Kyle Steel, Jamie Smith, Kevin Duncan (Pro) Andrew Cooper - 10.40am