Power Tees

Power Tees

Power Tee® is the number one automated ball teeing system for Golf Ranges.

Power Tee® is the most productive and enjoyable practice aid a golfer can find in today’s driving range. This is why it is found at the best practice facilities in the world such as St Andrews, the Belfry, Wentworth Club and The superb Dromoland Castle in Ireland in addition to a further 200 quality driving ranges around the UK, and southern Ireland.

For this reason, If you enter a Power Tee® driving range you are far more likely to find a quality practice experience than if you use a lesser range. The types of business that invest in your leisure time are more likely to hold quality range balls, a good selection of targets, friendly well managed facility and a comfortable practice and leisure environment. Why settle for less?

If your driving range does not value your custom highly enough to give you the latest and best facilities, why not find a driving range that does.

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