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Under 10 Results

Under 12 Results

U10s & U12s PLF Flag - PLGC 6 May

U10s & U12s PLF Flag - PLGC 6 May, Paul Lawrie Golf Centre (Ardoe)May 6th 2018

It was a glorious day for the kids taking part in our Flag event at Paul Lawrie Golf Centre today with wall-to-wall sunshine and pleasant temperatures throughout the day.

As well as the Flag competition, Paul was on-hand to offer some tips & advice to the kids as they prepared to get out on to the course.  There were camera crews from both R&A and Sky filming Paul and the kids for some documentary pieces to be shown around this year's Open at Carnoustie.  So it was nice for the kids to be involved in the process and they'll be able to see themselves when the shows go out later in the year.

There were a lot of good performances in the fair playing conditions and a lot of the kids managed to progress well around the course with their 36 strokes. 

U10s Boys

1st Rhys Yule (10th hole), 2nd Conlan Waldron, 3rd Zack Don

U10s Girls

1st Lucy Milne

U12S Boys

1st Connor McCaul (10th hole), 2nd Fin Sinclair, 3rd Ellis Gain

U12s Girls

1st Ruby Watt (9th hole), 2nd Alice Rhodes, 3rd Lotti Rhodes