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Under 15 Results

PLF U15s Stableford - PLGC

PLF U15s Stableford - PLGC, Paul Lawrie Golf Centre (Ardoe)September 2nd 2018

Mika Askildsen's 42 points total was good enough to earn him victory by one point over Arran Clubb in our Under 15s Stableford at the Paul Lawrie Golf Centre's Devenick Course.

Conditions were tricky with the stiff breeze putting a premium on controlling the flight of the ball, something both Mika & Arran were able to do.

Callum Kellas & Fraser Donald finished in a tie for third as they both scored 36 points.

1st - 42 points - Mika Askildsen

2nd - 41 points - Arran Clubb

3rd = 36 points - Callum Kellas & Fraser Donald

5th - 35 points - David Laing

CSS:  57