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A. The best advice we can offer is for you to pay a visit to a PGA Professional who'll be best placed to look at your swing and advise how best to get you swinging the club effectively again. There are too many possibilities to try to advise, witho continue reading
if your from the edge of the green but the pins is the on the other s]id
A. If you're asking about the shot choice in this situation, it depends upon the terrain - is it flat, undulating, up hill, down a slope - all of these factors will determine the type of shot you might play. If the apron of the green is closely-mow continue reading
how do i stay psoitive during a bad round
A. You have to try to put bad shots or a poor hole behind you and think about what you are still able to do to get back a dropped shot (or shots).  It's not easy for some of us not to dwell on poor shots/decisions and instead think about clawin continue reading
Have you got any chipping drills I can practise?
A. Here's a clip Paul did on the chip-and-run, prior to his Match Play event at Archerfield.  Hopefully this is of some help. Paul plans to do a few more of these kind of features over the coming months, so keep an eye on his website & our continue reading
Is there a minimum standard of play i should have to enter the U10 flag competitions?
A. Flag events are all about introducing juniors to the golf course and beginning the process of learning to play the game.  For the sake of your own enjoyment, it is better that you are able to consistently make contact with and hit the ball continue reading
how do i gett a handicap
A. The most straightforward way to get a handicap is to join a Club and return three scores. The Club Professional or Secretary (or the person responsible for managing handicaps at the club) will be able to explain the easiest way to get your handicap.& continue reading
I have a terrible snap hook shot that comes now and then when I hit my driver so need to know what causes that and how do I eliminate that permanently?
A. It's extremely difficult to answer a question like this without being able to see your swing and being able to point to the underlying issues causing this issue, from time to time. It could be a number of factors causing you to snap hook the ball. T continue reading
i shoot around 71most rounds how do i make most rounds in the 60s
A. That is a Million Dollar question!  Work harder on the weakest part of your game would be a good place to start though. continue reading
On the range I hit every ball well, on the course only 60%. What can I do to make the course the same as the range?
A. It's important to remember that on the range you are getting a consistent lie (flat stance, no divots or iffy lies etc). With the mat on the range it's also much easier to align yourself correctly to your target and you are probably hitting the continue reading
I lift my head too often and top the ball, but in my practice swings I can keep my head steady. Any tip for keeping my head steady when I play the shot?
A. It could be a number of things causing you to lift your head, caused by something else in your swing when you attempt to hit a ball.  A PGA Professional coach would be best placed to help you with this as they will have to identify the root of t continue reading
im really struggling with getting my driver off the ground and launching it into the air, do you have any tips for this?
A. Difficult to answer without seeing your swing.  The best advice would be to visit your PGA qualified Professional who will be able to assess your individual requirements. It could be that you need to look at the loft and shaft of your driver an continue reading
What do you do when someday said you cheated
A. You need to know why they think you have "cheated" and you should speak to the person at your Club responsible for competitions and ask them to look in to the matter.  It is important not to ignore this kind of accusation and to be open and hone continue reading
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